Hashtag Campaigns Against Doğuş University

University spring term has ended and students have taken their final exams. Administrations of universities have announced the requirements for enrolling in online summer schools. Some students need to take credits in summer schools to finish their studies on time, as is the case with transfer students. The summer school fees depend on the number of ECTS credits in each course. Students from various universities protested  the steep increase in pricing this year.

The Doğuş University (DOU) students were organized under the hashtag #HakYemeDou (1). A DOU student tweeted under the hashtag: “You cannot reduce the course hours by half and raise the summer school fee. Scholarships and fee reductions should continue. Stop treating students as if they are customers. If you do not offer the facilities of the university to the students, if you do not fulfill the student’s demands, then you are not an educator, but a tradesman. What a pity!”

The user “Doğuş University students” posted a tweet regarding the decision of the university administration: “We will voice out our demands to the board of trustees! We will not be silent! We are here until our demands are accepted! Continue to struggle!”

The Beykent University (BEU) administration announced the updated ECTS fees which have increased considerably. The university administration also decided that undergraduate transfer students can take a maximum of 30 ECTS in the summer school, which means some students will not be able to finish all required courses in one summer. The Beykent University students express their demands on social media under the hashtag #BeuOğrencininYyanındaOl (2). A student of BEU tweeted: “In these days of financial difficulties, do not let the students down, be with them. 457 lira per ECTS is a very high fee. Show us that you are student friendly.”

The administration also decided that transfer students can only take 30 ECTS credits in summer school. A student tweeted: “We, the undergraduate transfer students (3) could not get all the required courses during the semester due to the 30 ECTS limit.  Students of the same term can take 36 ECTS and graduate,  but we cannot graduate.”

(1) #HakYemeDou: Do not be unfair DOU (Doğuş University) Administration

(2) #BeuOEğrencininYanındaOl, : Beykent University (administration)  be with the students

(3) Undergraduate transfer student: A student who comes to study to a university’s equivalent or a similar department after having begun their course of study at a different university